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Personality types

Types of personality

After Carl JUNG used the term of personality type, a lot of experimental studies have been made to assess the truth behind the concept...
Thousands of questionnaires have been answered and studied leading to a major discovery : we can represent an individual by a mix of a small number of basic, fundamental types. As we can represent a colour as a mix of red, blue, green with different values. Can all the complexity of personality be summarized in a few types ? Not exactly... No model can represent 100% of a human personality. We should say, they can model most of complexity, enough to be very, very useful to improve daily life and communication. Let's take advantage of it !

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Types and Comcolors

In the personality model Comcolors we represent an individual on the base of a mix of 6 colours, each with a different intensity. When you have learned about the model, you can detect the main colours of a person. It allows you to understand better this person and have a better communication with her. It is like you are able to tune your internal "radio receiver" on the other person "emitter" ! Decrypting these colours are a powerful tool you can learn about in our seminars.

Profile and interview

Our main tool is a self-assessment questionnaire which takes less than 40 minutes to answer via internet. This is the fundamental tool we use to decipher the real motivations and hidden talents of our interlocutor. One or sometimes two hours of personal interview is necessary to get the most of it. In most cases it leads to new insights, new possible paths, new horizons...
Incredibly efficient !

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