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Interpersonal Communication

Never had any communication problems ?
Inefficiency, misunderstandings, quarrels... What about lost energy !
Consciousness of differences in personal perceptions of the same event is crucial for a good communication. To analyse our own thinking/perception process is far from obvious. Meanwhile, it is the main cause of non-optimal communication.
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Our seminars

Practical and operative ! The objective of our seminars is to introduce rapidly the concepts for understanding the roots of most misunderstandings and how to improve the situation. What are these different ways of perceiving situations, events or goals... How to be understood, how to motivate. Based on the very pedagogical, operational personality model Comcolors, seminars include theoretical presentation, practical exercises, simulation and personal experience analysis.
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Intervention field

Our seminars are intended mostly for managers, marketers, salesmen, but not limited... Most of training sessions take advantage of a common solid background : Comcolors personality model. Why ? It gives us a coherence in all fields of team building, stress management, interpersonal communication, motivational assessment, etc. since all these psychological aspects of an individual depend on common personal character 'traits' you can learn.
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