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Communicate better. 1-day module

Objectives : Rapidly introduce the main notions about people's different ways of thinking which are the major source of misunderstandings.
Audience : General public.
Number of participants 5 to10

Comcolors personality model. 3-day module

Objectives : Grasp the concepts of Comcolors' model and learn about pratical tools in order to :
- Improve communication,
- Know more about yourself,
- Understand more about others,
- Manage stress and conflicts
These 3 days will allow you to understand the full range of concepts and to manage communication situations more efficiently. Knowing and detecting the roots of conflicts will allow you to spend more time in optimal relationship.
Audience : Anyone who would like to improve their personal communication.
Number of participants 5 to 8

Improve your public presentations. 2-day module

Objectives : Improve your presentation with our AMAF method : "Audience, Message, Attitude, Form". Down to earth psychology, a lot of practice and personal advice. Individual and group work will give a quick efficient result.
Audience : Anybody who needs to make public presentations.
Number of participants 4 to 6

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