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Comcolors model

"ComColors is a personality model where each colour represents a part of oneself we activate with an intensity depending on the experienced situation".

It has a very powerful and pedagogical approach thanks to a clear and synthetical representation of the fundamental concepts.

6 colours

The six colours represent six different facets of our personality. Or if you prefer 6 fundamental types. These types have been discovered by extensive research by the psychologist research community in the second half of the 20th century and are the basement of multiple personality models and personal assessment inventories.

Comcolors, using the colour metaphor makes the approach to delicate notions more intuitive, pedagogical and even fun without any pejorative 'labels' sticked to a personality type. Furthermore, one of the main advantage of ComColors is to be an "integrative model", a common ground to learned about different psychological aspect of human behaviour (motivation, stress, perception, communication...) Each colour is really the key of understanding many aspect of personality which are explained elsewhere in completely disconnected contexts or not at all ! A simple diagram makes the synthesis of the fundamental features : the "Comcolors diagram", A multicolored disk with a "dominant colour" circle encircling the disk and a "secondary colour" as the heart of the diagram. These two colours are the most visible and important to our daily life. Mastering the major concepts and tools of ComColors model give you immediate operational benefits.

ComColors Developper

Franck JULLIEN is the founder of the company COMENIUS. He developped the Comcolors model and the teenagers's orientation tools on
Franck is coaching and consulting as well as giving human resource and management seminars.

He is certified Coach & Team - Transformance. Certified in PNL, Process Communication, Team management /Belbin and MBTI.

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